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CMS MICCA Concert Festival is Coming

We are working hard to update the MICCA Survival Guide - more information soon!


Please note: this is a living document and updates are made as required. We are currently updating for the 2017/18 school year. All information, guidelines and policies are subject to change.


    • Elementary School Bands
      • Fourth Grade Band
      • Fifth Grade Band
    • Concord Middle School Bands
      • Concert Band
      • Jazz Ensembles
      • Wind Ensemble
    • Communication
    • Rehearsals
    • Concerts
    • Schedule Conflicts
    • Home Practice
    • Elementary School Bands
    • Concord Middle School Bands
    • Instrument Acquisition
    • Instrumental Music School of Carlisle and Concord
    • Additional Resources
    • Concert Attendance
    • Formal Performances
      • Unacceptable Attire and Consequences
    • Casual Performances
    • Informances


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