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The Concord Public School Band Program consists of bands at Concord Middle School and all three elementary schools: AlcottThoreau and Willard. Students may participate in curricular bands starting in the fourth grade. At the middle school, honors ensembles are offered to all students.

For information on the other music offerings at Concord Middle School, click here.

Band is available to all students in Concord once they enter the fourth grade. Registration takes place at the end of the year each year (for example, to participate in band in fourth grade, students register at the end of third grade). Registration is available here.

Band begins with a focus on fundamentals and ensemble skills. In their second year, students build upon this foundation and may even branch out to other instruments in their family. At the middle school students have the opportunity to audition for select groups and perform a variety of musical styles and at CCHS the possibilities continue to grow.

More information on our ensembles, including rehearsal schedules, can be found in the Handbook.

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